Monday Night Ladies League

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The 2019 Canadian Women’s Mid-Am & Senior Championship – Final Day

The 2019 Canadian Women’s Mid-Am & Senior Championship – Day 1 – Practice Rounds, Ceremonial Tee Shot & Welcome Reception

The 2019 Canadian Women’s Mid-Am & Senior Championship – Memorable Moments

Rules Update

A couple of quick points on the rules

On Park Meadows #4 you may have noticed that the red stakes have been removed from around the red penalty area that formerly encompassed the low area at the end of the fairway.

The measure was instituted a couple of years ago when the early part of the season was particularly wet and the area was full of water. It was always intended as a temporary fix and now that it’s dry and maintenance crews are able to get down there, it returns to being part of the general area.

On Park Meadows #3, the ditch down the left side is now marked as a red penalty area.

When a player hits her ball onto that side of the hole and it cannot be found, she will need to determine, in consultation with her playing companions, where the ball came to rest.

• If the ball is deemed to have been lost in the red penalty area, the options are: 1) go back to the tee and play again under stroke and distance penalty; or 2) drop within two club lengths of where the ball crossed into the red penalty area, no closer to the hole, under penalty of one stroke.
• If the ball is deemed to have gone out of bounds or be lost outside the red penalty area, the options are: 1) go back to the tee and play again under stroke and distance; or 2) use the optional relief for ball lost or out of bounds local rule.

Speaking of the optional relief for a ball lost or out of bounds local rule, it continues to cause confusion and consternation. It’s a complicated rule and it’s going to take us all a while to get comfortable with it. A couple of quick notes and a recommendation.

• The rule may only be applied to balls that are lost OR out of bounds, not for balls that are unplayable or in a penalty area. (There are other forms of relief available for balls that are unplayable or lost in penalty areas.)
• Once a ball in question is found in bounds, the rule cannot be invoked.
• Remember that for the purposes of the rule, “fairway” means “grass cut to fairway length.” Sometimes the nearest edge of the fairway no closer to the hole might be the front of the forward tee box on the hole being played or a path mowed through the rough.
• In order to get a clear picture of the rule, one really should read the full rule and explanation on the bulletin board near the main concession or follow this link and read it there:

Roy Wood
OGC Rules Chair

Wednesday Night Mixer League


Mixer League is in full swing. A big welcome to new players and to those regulars we see and enjoy every week. There is always room for more so come out and give it a try.

This year’s hosts are Yvonne Field and Gary Ruffle and Dick Harris and Anne Phillips. Gary sends an email out each week to invite people to sign up for the game on Wednesday.

This past week we played Silly Putts and you can see from the pictures that it was a challenge made for laughs. Some people were really creative in their use of the variety of putting tools found at each hole.

Despite instructions from Don, Dick missed his putt so Mabe had to finish the hole with style.

Usual Format: A 9-hole round, 6 players per hole – 3 men and 3 women if possible, but it does not matter – a “ghost” or two may make up the balance if the teams are uneven. Everyone is welcome… attached or not. We play a different game each week and try to have everyone play with different players each week so they can get know the whole group.

Fee: $2 per person to play the game. Prizes are paid from this from 1st to 4th place (depending on the turnout this may only be to 3rd place). (Green fees are $20 for non-members).

Our golf club restaurant is providing excellent food and service to us after our game. Big thanks goes out to the staff.


Please email Gary Ruffle at gruffle1 at gmail . com on or before each Monday if you would like to come out and play. Golf skills are not necessary. Closing time to register is 8 pm Monday evenings.

Your hosts,
Anne Phillips-Harris, Dick Harris, Yvonne Fields, Gary Ruffle

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This isn’t your typical golf blog, but rather a glimpse into our world — you’ll find photos and information from events here, along with the odd tidbit of advice from our pros.


OSOYOOS GOLF CLUB GM and Head Professional participate in Cherry Fiesta Parade on Canada Day

Head Golf Professional Colin Snair drove a beautiful convertible Audi generously donated by one of our members while General Manager Doug Robb drove shotgun and made sure our young golfers who were handing out candy to the enthusiastic crowd were well supplied with M & M’s donated by another generous sponsor.